The Judgment Of Movie Critics Enhances The Craze For South Movie News

In today’s fast life, taking a break in between becomes essential. This break can be used for various activities, among which film watching is quite prominent. By watching movies one can forget the hassles and stress of their life, although for quite constrictive time. In India, film industry is flourishing and people follow their favorite actor and actress religiously. Whether it is Bollywood or it is Tollywood, an intense craze for the movies for their superstars can be seen.

Bollywood and its films are popular all over the world, but at the same time South India is also offering award winning movies. The success of South Indian movies has scaled such heights that even Bollywood movie industry has to look towards south to gain radical ideas for movie making. South actress and their acting talent made them touch new platforms in Bollywood as well as in various other avenues.  The ethereal beauty of these actresses have made south cinema highly popular.

People wish to forget about their worries when they to watch a movie. But not every movie can help them to enjoy and get entertained. Many times, they come out of movie halls further depressed and tensed. To avoid such situations, it is better to heed the advice of movie critics who offer a balanced viewpoint about a movie and help the audiences to make a decision whether they should watch a particular movie or not. The responsibility of movie reviewer is quite crucial as people are relying on their evaluation for their entertainment needs.

To know more about south Indian movies, one can refer to south movie news and after reading the report by movie critic decide whether they should watch a movie or not. Prior information about a movie can influence this decision making. Since movies hold a great place in Indian people’s psyche, movie review has become a powerful tool having an impact on the success or failure of a movie. To grab the attention of potential film audiences, many film makers themselves get the movie reviews published which offer biased reviews and the news spread with positive biasing towards readers. This way filmmakers got the information published that they wanted to share with the audiences.

On reading such reviews, audiences are bound to get influenced and watch the movie. Later they may gripe about the absolute crap that they had to endure. But this also raises questions about the responsibility of movie reviewers. Is it correct to give a biased view and mislead the audience? No, it is certainly not because in such situation, the very purpose of this job is defeated. It is very important that a movie reviewer has knowledge about the intricate aspects of film making. They are qualified or knowledgeable enough to give an objective evaluation of a film. Their facts are correct and they share accurate information with the audiences who blindly trust them. Movie reviewer must have a balanced approach and he or she should highlight not only positive but also negative aspects of a movie. The people are mad about their favourite movies and particularly south movie news is always awaited with their recent charm, and energy. The movie critics play a major role by offering their remarks and this has accentuated a craze for movies in recent times.

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List Of Animation Movies

There are several movies that come under the animation movies list. One of the most popular and has received high rankings throughout the world is the Batman Begins. Before it was introduced, the Dark Knights was the major monopolizing movie but Batman Begins emerged to be a good rival. Albeit there are abundant of fans still wrestling over and over again that the Dark Knight is better than the Batman Begins, the Batman Begins has proven to receive more attention and reputation.
Being one of the best animated movies, the Batman tale revolves around the past of Bruce Wayne. Batman has the job of stopping the new rogue, Phantasm from attacking the local mob population of Gothams. The convicts and criminals involved are directly link to Bruces first and last romantic love, his personal and true relationship he was eager to give up for the sake of happiness. However, the elements displayed in the movie were not too moving, more to a comedian style.
Another movie, Metropolis by Fritz Lang is also one of the best animated movies ever released. This is rated as one of the genuine vintage classic artwork of the silent film generation. The movie, released in 2001, was adapted from the manga series of Osamu Tezuka which has been directly transformed from the Langs film. This anime portrays a controversy between two groups of people having different social statuses. Besides, the movie integrates also the true essence of being a human. The movie consists of astounding visuals and still holds its uniqueness against other classics such as the Akira.
Though not number one in the animation movies list, Fantasia is one of the coolest and greatest masterpieces by Disney. Perhaps the movie was not rated to be the first due to the diverse respond from audiences, ranging from comments like too cheesy or boring. But it was definitely a movie that deserves vast appraisal, even the movie now marks a 70 years of age. However, several experts ultimately argued that this movie was peerless and should be labeled one of the best, if not dominating the highest position in the list.

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1968 season in the NBA

The 1968-69 season of the NBA was an exciting one, featuring new stars and up and coming teams, but in the end things ended in the same way that they always seemed to end.


One of the biggest changes in the NBA in that season was the dismantling of the 76ers. The 76ers were recently the NBA Champions and looked like a team that could challenge the Celtics and Lakers for the Championship for years to come. Before the season started their coach Alex Hannum decided to leave the NBA to coach in the NBA. He received a more lucrative deal and jumped ship. He was not the only part of their team that left. Wilt Chamberlain would demand a trade out of his hometown.


Chamberlain loved playing in Philly until he received a large amount of criticism for losing to the Celtics the year before. He decided that he could not stand playing there anymore without the support of his hometown. After demanding a trade the 76ers were able to work out a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Wilt Chamberlain would go to Los Angeles to join future Hall of Famers Jerry West and Elgin Baylor.


The NBA had never really seen a team with the star power that the Lakers had and many people assumed that they would walk through their opponents. As the season wore on it appeared that everyone’s suspicions were true. The Lakers would go on to finish atop the Western Division by a margin of 7 games with a 55-27 record. The Atlanta Hawks were the only team in the vicinity of the Lakers in the division, going 48-34 on the season. Only one other team in the entire division managed to finish at or above .500 on the season. The San Francisco Warriors would finish with a 41-41 record.


The Eastern Conference featured a new top dog. The Baltimore Bullets leaped up the standings and took the honors of the best regular season record in the NBA. They finished with a 57-25 record on the season. The 76ers still managed to come in second in their division with 55 wins despite losing their two leaders. The Knicks would finish in 3rd place with a solid record of 54-28 on the season. The last team to make the playoffs in the division would be the Boston Celtics. They finished with just 48 wins and in 4th place in the division. Despite the fact that they did not have a great record, nobody was counting them out for the championship with their track record.


History began to repeat itself as the Lakers and the Celtics pushed through their opponents en route to the Finals. The Knicks and Hawks were both put out in the round leading up to the Finals, leaving the Lakers and Celtics to battle it out yet again.


While the Lakers now had someone to battle against Bill Russell, they were not able to overcome the Celtics. The series would go down to the wire, but the Celtics would take the NBA Championship with a 4 wins and 3 losses in the Finals.

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Romantic Comedies for the Sentimental and Humorous

Unlike most movie genres, romantic comedies are one that can be enjoyed by any. You do not need to be afraid since it does not give you the chills horror movies do; you do not need to be bored over lengthy dramas that only has an ending after long; and you definitely do not need to be on your toes all the time like how crime shows does. Romantic comedies are a combination of the good aspects of both romantic movies and comedy movies.


Romantic movies in general are designed to warm the heart as it touches you with the attraction between two people, or more. There is usually some form of obstacle that occurs between the characters, and the movie would usually show how they overcome the obstacles to show their love for one another. Some of these movies have happy endings, while others may opt for sad endings. Sometimes, it is the bittersweet ones that catch the hearts of many, as it pulls you in emotionally with the characters. Women are usually big fans of these types of movies, as well as anyone who loves sentimental stories.


Comedy, on the other hand, is the type of genre that is made to make you laugh, and for some, keep your mind off stressful matters with a good laugh. Comedic scenes can be created by exaggerating some situation, using languages in a humorous way, the interaction between characters, or simply the character’s actions and personality itself. Comedies can be enjoyed by anyone so long they are in for a good laugh.


When comedy is incorporated into romance, people do not just laugh away or get touched by scenes; they have their time of their lives seeing how romance can spark. The two different movie genres mixed into one movie makes scenes more memorable as two strong emotions of love and humor are stirred among viewers.




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Good Movies – Comedies That Brighten Your Mood!

There is no one in this world who does not like a good comedy movie. There is nothing to beat it after a tough day when we feel depressed and mentally upset. It is a magical treatment which can easily lift up our spirits and forget all our troubles. When we get immersed in its plots and the way in which the actors deal with the fun situations, we automatically forget all our sorrows and find good entertainment.

Just by inserting a DVD, we are transported to a joyous world filled with sarcasm, irony, fun plots, etc. It was found that even during the silent movie era, people flocked to the theatres to see good comedy movies. At the beginning of 1895, audiences were treated with a visual treat on moving pictures with the unique combination of slapstick and burlesque.

The great actors of these times were Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Max Linder, etc .It is a matter of great pride to see that people have not forgotten the movies of Charlie Chaplin even to this day and he has proved to be an inspiration for many of the modern comedy actors. Even in modern times, producers and directors consider it as a safe bet and some of the top reigning stars are Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, etc. There are different styles and tones in which comedies can be classified. They are

Fish out of water style: In this kind of movies, we can see the hero trying to deal with different kinds of situations and mostly in unfamiliar surroundings. The focal point for comedy is the funny way in which the situations are handled. Some famous examples are Cabin Boy, Tootsie, etc.

Spoof or Parody: There are many movies which have adopted this style to make people laugh. Older films are made fun of, by using the elements of sarcasm, mockery and stereotyping. Even now many spoofs have been welcomed with both hands by the audience. Some of the all time favorites are Airplane, Blazing Saddles, etc

Gross-out comedy: This style uses a complete slapstick style and elements such as very silly toilet humor is used. But the irony is that even such style of comedy movies are greatly enjoyed by the movie buffs. Some of the noteworthy movies to be mentioned in this style are American pie, Dumb and Dumber, etc.

Other major styles used in good comedy movies are comedy of manners, military comedy, science fiction comedy, black comedy, etc.

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Some witty and stupid quotes of famous people

Instead of trying to be a lucky man, try to become a worthy man. (Albert Einstein)

To completely understand the meaning of this sentence we have to comprehend what is the difference between a lucky and worthy man. Most of us can get lucky – we could win in a lottery, for instance. Others can make an outstanding career in their business. One can even get lucky by stealing something and not getting caught. The definition of getting lucky often corresponds to making oneself happy. What about a worthy man? Does it also refer to getting lucky or is it something else? I believe getting lucky here is of the least importance. The word “worthy” implies being greater than just one’s ambitions and wealth. The word “worthy” means having some worth, merit and value. It means being honourable and admirable. Worthy men usually bring up some value and make others happy – they are selfless and their worth is greater than the ones striving to get lucky at something.

Barack Obama is so nice, young and even sun-burnt. (S. Berlusconi)

I am simply speechless about this stupid saying. Maybe mister Berlusconi was drunk or was talking about another man? Maybe it was supposed to be some kind of humour, which wasn’t recognized as that. Well, we can only guess now, but somehow, I believe that it could actually be truth. If that was the case, I would simply pity the Italian nation and their leader. There is a fine quote about being silent, and it could actually fit the situation. It goes like this: “missed the chance to stay silent”.

The ones, who know how to wait, usually get what they wish in time. (O. de Balzac)

This interesting and witty quote can be best described by one simple example. There was an experiment being performed with several school children. They were brought into a room where they had to sit on a chair in front of a table with a deliciously looking cookie on it. They were told that if they would refrain from eating a cookie for a particular length of time, they would not only be allowed to eat it after all, but would also get another cookie. After this simple instructions they were left all alone in the room with a cookie in front of them. The hidden camera was filming all they did. It was interesting to watch how some of them struggled with the desire to eat the cookie, but sustained it, thus completed the task, while others were less persistent and ate it after several minutes. How did the first children manage to resist the temptation? It appears, their were simply forcing themselves to think about something else or their reward, and this way they were able to wait until the end. The less persistent ones did not bother about the reward – they just simply looked at what was in front of them and ate it. This is the best description for the motivational quote by O. de Balzac.

I have been quite inspired by the motivational quotes of A. Einstein or witty sayings of A. de Saint Exupery. You will definitely enjoy reading their quotes about life and funny life quotes.

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The Latest Action Movies As Of 2011

Action movies are a great way to escape from reality for a couple of hours. Viewers can pop one in the DVD player and bask in the glow of explosions and impossible stunts happening right before their eyes. The best thing about action flicks is that they relieve the mind of the stress of coping with real life. Action movies are a way to tune out all of the mundane important things in life for a little while. The following is a guide to the best latest action movie releases.

Crime and Thriller Latest Action Movie Releases

Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright

Starring Andy Garcia, Aidan Quinn, Gina Gershon and Mario Van Peebles, this movie was released straight to DVD. Don’t let that fool you. This movie is a gripping story about a billionaire who flees to Tijuana after being discovered to have earned his wealth through a Ponzi scheme. As he searches through Tijuana for a former love, he is chased by a federal agent, Mexican gangsters and the hired guns of a former client who wants his money back.

Comic Book Latest Action Movie Releases

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This film is an absolute game changer in the comic book genre. No other movie has ever captured the feeling of reading a comic book as well as this one does. The editing is done in a way that scenes seamlessly jump from one to the next, simulating the feeling of shifting between panels while reading a comic book. Yet another classic performance by Michael Cera is supported strongly by an all-star ensemble cast.

Jonah Hex

Watching this movie is a way to understand how something can be so bad that it is good. It is filled with action, but really shapes up as more of a comedy. There are so many horrible lines that just make you laugh. Megan Fox delivers her worst performance ever, which is saying a lot. The biggest question is how much cash had to be thrown at John Malkovich to get the highbrow actor to star in this farce.

Family Latest Action Movie Releases

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Although this movie is quite mindless, it is an family-friendly flick that people of all ages can enjoy together. Nicolas Cage stars as Balthazar Blake, a master sorcerer that defends that city of New York from evil sorcerer, Maxim Horvath. Balthazar recruits a reluctant teenager, Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), to become his apprentice and help him defend the city against the evil forces of darkness.

How to Train Your Dragon

This Dreamworks animated adventure tells a ripping yarn that has a positive message of compassion and understanding at its center. A young Viking yearns to join the dragon hunters of his town. Before he can he meets a young dragon and learns that dragons are not the evil creatures he has been led to believe.
Old School Latest Action Movie Releases

The Expendables

The tagline of this film is, “Every movie has a star. This one has them all.” The tagline stretches the truth a little, but it does star nearly every action movie star of the last quarter of a century. Stallone got together an amazing cast including Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lungren, Jason Statham, Jet Li and Steve Austin. It also has cameos by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. The plot is pretty ridiculous, but that is part of the fun of a movie like this. A sequel is already set for 2012.


Fans of the original Predator have been repeatedly disappointed by a steady string of trashy sequels. Thankfully, the memory of all those horrible sequels is forever erased by this amazing film. A group of people wake up on an alien planet and quickly realize they are prey for the Predators. With great actors like Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne and Topher Grace, director Robert Rodriguez has created an instant classic that rivals the original Predator for greatness.

Robin Hood

Ridley Scott directs Russell Crowe in an origin story of Robin Hood. Though the story is a bit muddled and needlessly complicated, Scott is the best director in Hollywood at recreating historical periods. The audience truly feels like they are in 13th century England. The action scenes are shot wonderfully, feeling like works of art.

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5 Classic Horror Movies


Arguably one of the best ways to spend a night with friends, no matter what age you are, is watching horror movies. A night of popcorn, screams and laughter can make for great entertainment.

You can make a list of horror movies you want to watch and let your friends chose on the night of. There are many great classics available on the internet, as well as being re-released in High Definition on Blu-ray Discs. Another great option is utilizing the fact that many televisions and game consoles now have internet access, and are connected to Netflix instant, so you can watch the films from the internet directly on the TV.

There are a plethora of horror movies to choose from but here are five movies are the perfect recipe for a great night of horror movies. Not only were these great scary movies, but they were also just great films, being nominated for awards, and in many cases winning. It is a selection of titles that have been made over the last fifty years, showing that great horror never dies.

The quintessential horror movie everyone should watch is the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho. Do not make the mistake of getting the re-make which starred Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates and is not nearly as scary. Made in 1960, it is still as eerie and shocking today, with a brilliant performance from Anthony Perkins. Bates Motel is always worth a visit, unless of course you are Janet Leigh. Psycho was nominated for 4 Oscars.

Jaws, which was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975, became an instant classic. It won 3 Academy Awards, including one for the unforgettable original score by John Williams. True, it may not live up to the technology of today, and the shark may be a little cheesy, but it still makes people scream and jump just the same.

Stephen King has been the master of horror writing for the better part of four decades and picking one of the film adaptations of his books can always add to a scary night. Kathy Bates won an Academy Award in 1990 for her role as Annie Wilkes in Misery, a chilling tale about an obsessed fan who rescues a famous writer after a motor accident. If ghosts and haunted houses are more your style you should pick up Rose Red. It’s quite long and worth every minute. Despite the technology not being the newest it still provides plenty of chills and screams, leaving you feeling very satisfied after watching it.

In 1973 William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist was released on the big screen. The Exorcist won 2 Oscars, for Best Sound and Writing, and received 8 other nominations. Ever since it has been scaring folk around the world, and this story of a possessed teenager played by Linda Blair, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role, is guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

With 6 Oscar nominations in 1999, The Sixth Sense is truly a modern masterpiece. Haley Joel Osment delivers one of the best child performances ever as the boy who sees dead people, and Bruce Willis and Toni Collette support him brilliantly. While many of his other movies have fallen short of being great, M Night Shyamalan hits every note perfectly in this one.

If you have not seen these movies, get started on them now, as they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the horror genre. Of course if you love horror you will know there are thousands of other movies out there, from the Japanese classics to the independent gore flicks but these are a great place to start.


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The Best Way to Play DVD Movie on HTPC Media Centre

HTPC stands for ‘home theatre personal computer’ or ‘home theatre pc’, sometimes called a Media PC or Media Center. Essentially it is a PC with a software application that supports video, photo, music playback, and sometimes video recording functionality. HTPC enables DVD movie playback with high quality, giving people a brand new visual experience.

Do you have quite a large collection of DVDs that you want to play on your HTPC? If so, firstly, you should rip your DVD movie to HTPC compatible format. Here I recommend MPEG 2 as the output format for DVD playback on HTPC, so that you can play DVD movie on HTPC with multiple videos, audios.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is specialized in ripping DVD to MPEG 2 for playback on HTPC with all videos/audios. With it, you can easily finish the task of DVD to MPEG 2 conversion. Now let’s have a look at how simple it is.

For more information about MacX DVD Ripper Pro:

How to Rip DVD to MPEG2 video for Playback on HTPC

Just follow this DVD to MPEG 2 guide, which will teach you how to rip DVD to MPEG 2. This DVD ripper offers superb fast conversion speed to save your time and enables you to keep your video quality.

Step 1. Load DVD Movies or DVD Folder.

After free download MacX DVD Ripper Pro, click “DVD Disc” button to import the DVD files after you insert the DVD. You can also load DVD folder by clicking “DVD Path” button.

Step 2: Choose the Output Video Format.

Select the output video you desire. Here we choose “Copy to MPEG File”.

Step 3: Select Output Folder.

Specify output folder on your computer to save the output files. Click the “Browse” button to choose the path where you want to save the output files in.

Step 4: Start Conversion.

After finish the above steps, click the “Start” button to start conversion, you could view the conversion progress and are able to cancel the converting process at anytime.

Note: MacX DVD Ripper Pro works perfectly on Mac OS. For Windows user, you can free download windows version MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows.

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