Movie Swords

Every time that you are going to come across a famous Greek figurine lying on a broken piece of porcelain, and a warrior who is equipped with not only a helmet and a breastplate but also a short steel sword in his hands, is a spitting an image of the famous Spartan sword and the respective warrior then comes to ones mind.
The fifth century had been the time when the Spartan infantry had been on much rise and there used to be a solid wall or a phalanx structure that had been utilized with the purpose of keeping the warriors placed like an impenetrable wall, one that had the enemy thinking regarding its penetration. The significant role of Spartan sword cannot be denied regarding the infantry. The shield and the sword were a part of the traditional dress that was worn by the Spartan warrior.
The name Sparta has been the source of much debate over the past few years amongst the Greeks. The Spartan sword had been a huge part of the Greek history. In fact the Athens and the Sparta had been two significant rival states that had fought one too many battles for gaining supremacy among the Greek city states that had incorporated several brave warriors that had been very well trained in the traditional and the classical warfare since a very young age.
If you are currently on the lookout for both a unique and an authentic pirate sword that will not only fit your pocket but will also add to your collection then in that case there are several swords to choose from. In fact it would not be wrong to say that it is much hard to know which one to begin with and many more to pick from.
There are several pirate swords that are movie replicas that have been made from the very famous and popular films movie swords. Amongst the other swords are the historical remakes of the pirates of days gone by. Regardless of the kind of sword that you fancy you are sure to find the pirate sword that will feel like it has been made just for you. Hence the selection of a pirate sword is an easy task that is if you know what you are looking for. There had been a time when the world’s most famous pirate had been the Black Beard. Now the spot has been taken by none other than the Captain Jack Sparrow. The respective sword can be best described as being a cutlass. It comes with a curved handle and what is commonly referred to as the blood groove in the blade.

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Recommended Animated Comedy Movies

Comedy movies have been around since film saw its beginnings, but the animated genre has gained popularity throughout recent years. Though animation is particularly popular with children, comedies geared at adult audiences have also been released in this spectacular format. It’s more commonly seen on the television networks (with animated adult comedy shows such as Family Guy and South Park) but it has been done on the big screen.

Which animated comedy movies should you watch? It depends what you are looking for. These family and mature audience films of the gene are a great place to start.

Animated Family Comedy Movies

The Madagascar Films (2005; 2008) – These films serve up adventure and plenty of laughs, with a cast of animal characters who suddenly find themselves in the wilds of Africa after only having known life within the sweet captivity of the Central Park Zoo. The characters are voiced by some of today’s best loved comedians including Chris Rock, Ben stiller and Sacha Baron Cohen. A third film is set to be released in 2012.

Monsters VS Aliens (2009) – Got a family full of sci-fi fans and of course, lovers of comedy movies? You’ll all enjoy this computer animated comedy about a woman who is struck by a meteorite on her wedding day, transformed into a giant, taken captive by a secret government compound and befriended by a group of strange but lovable monsters who’ll join with her to combat aliens and save the world!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) – The beloved children’s book is brought to life by a hilarious cast and modern animation. Join Flint, the wanna-be inventor, who finally sees some short lived success as he falls for the girl, creates enough food to fill the bellies of everyone in town and later deals with the comical catastrophe that ensues!

Animated Comedy Movies

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) – There’s trouble in Toontown in this classic favorite. Families with older children might consider this film for a family night pick. Some scenes may give younger children a fright. The film is a wonderful combination of comedy, mystery, fantasy and live action mixed with animation.

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999) – South Park took hold of its success and went the comedy movies route when it was brought to the big screen in 1999. As usual, fans’ favorite characters -Kyle, Stan, Cartman and friends- are in the midst of comical adventure, with no shortage of foul language and extremely crude humor.

Eight Crazy Nights (2002) – If you’re an Adam Sandler fan (and of his more adult films) you may enjoy watching him dish out the laughs (and plenty of song, those this isn’t your typical musical number) in full cartoon style animation.

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Movies Worth Watching ? Good Movies 2001

Movies are one of the biggest medium of entertainment world wide. The two biggest sanctum of movies in the world are Hollywood and Bollywood having more than billions of dollars invested in them each year. The Hollywood being the single biggest producer of the English movies is the home to the best movies of all times the list is immense which includes the classics like God Father, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, etc. The year 2011 can be termed as the year of sequels in the Hollywood. It seems that every director is making trilogies or other sequels. All the good movies 2011 are sequels e.g. Fast Five, Harry Potter, X-men, MI4, transformers 3, Ong-Bak 3, etc. The list of good movies 2011 is big if you are a fan of sequels. Other than sequels, the list of movies released so far is very good and worth watching. Some of the movies worth watching are Thor, Green Lantern, Limitless, Priest, Drive Angry, The Adjustment Bureau, etc.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2 has done record breaking business on its opening weekend surpassing the previous best of The Dark Knight which earned $ 158 Million and now the last part of Harry Potter has earned the highest gross opening weekend revenue of $ 168 Million. The movie is released so far in USA and Canada and is screened on more than 4300 locations and on 11000 screens. The anticipation has lead Harry Potter last part to earn record breaking revenue. Another reason is that with this part the movie will end and it will become a legend as the viewers would have to anticipate a lot in order to see a movie that earns more than Harry Potter. Another movie that has earned a lot of respect and rating with the viewers is X-men: First Class. This part of X-Men series can be termed as the best so far. This part is one that can surely hit the list of good movies 2011. The movie tells how it all started, the beginning telling how both the teachers started out making the school and started their struggle. The story goes to the start when before enemies they were Allies.

The year 2011 has been a real treat for the eyes of the viewers as they have been treated with a lot of good movies this year. The movies that are to be released yet and that are worth watching includes Sherlock Holmes 2, I am Legend 2 and Cow Boys and Aliens.

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Stream Online Movies Free

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Movies About The Second World War

The second world war has certainly been one of the most important events of the 20th century, an event that has remained in the collective memories of many peoples and countries, and that has inspired many directors all over the world in the making of their movies. This might be due to a need of remembering and making people not forget what happened only a few decades ago, as well as to the desire of understanding and explaining the various features of this major event.

The Second World War took place all over the world and lasted 6 years, causing destructions, deaths and other serious consequences on many countries, and changing the world. No wonder then that many directors coming from many different countries have decided to work on this event, and nowadays there are plenty of movies regarding the war, the tragedy of the Shoah and themes connected to this.

It might be interesting to point out that many movies have been shot even before the war ended, while the latest ones came out in these last few years. Some examples? In the 1940th the people who went to the cinema could watch movies like Casablanca by Michael Curtiz (1942) and The Long Voyage Home by John Ford (1940), both set during the second world war. In the last few years, and almost 70 years after the release of those movies, other movies concerning this dark page of our history have been coming out. The latest ones are Luomo che verr (2009), an Italian movie focused on the Marzabotto Massacre, the worst massacre of civilians in Italy committed by the Waffen SS during the war, and Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino (2009), a fictional story about two plots to assassinate the Nazi German political leadership.

One of the major and worst features of World War II is certainly the tragedy of Shoah, which caused the death of over 6 million Jewish, as well as of many other categories of people, like homosexuals, political opponents, gypsies, mentally ill people and so on. Many of the movies set during the second world war are focused on this tragedy, and works like these are very important and useful, as they help keeping memory alive about what happened in the Nazi concentration camps, just like many books, museums and monuments keep doing. To this movie category belong many works that are well-known all over the world, that have been watched by millions of people and that have been awarded many prizes. From Exodus by Otto Preminger (1960) to Defiance by Edward Zwick (2008), the movie history includes many works telling us about these tragic events. Some of the most famous ones are Schindlers List by Steven Spielberg (1993), which tells the story of a German businessman who saved more than a thousand Polish-Jewish refugees and which was awarded 7 Academy Awards – , Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni (1997), which alternates comedy and tragedy the movie won three Academy Awards -, and The Pianist by Roman Polansky (2002), an adaptation of the autobiography of Jewish-Polish musician Wadysaw Szpilman; also this movie was awarded three Academy Awards.

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Free TV and Movies Online

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Best Comedy Movies: Of All Times!

Comedies always siphon audience even better than family dramas. They are complete entertainers even though there might be some disappointing ones released at times. Thankfully, there are enough directors who handle comedies with great expertise and give us decent films which are a treat to watch. There are funny movies which are gut wrenching and tear producing ones and they always stay back in our mind. Some of the best comedies of all times in Hollywood are:

The Hangover: This was a movie which broke box office records with just word -of -mouth publicity. It amassed $ 277 million dollars on theater release alone apart from the rights of DVD and Blue-ray. The main highlights of the movie were the combined combination of a chicken, a tiger, a baby, and of course Mike Tyson. The star cast included great actors like Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, etc.

Days of summer: Everyone loves romantic movies and when it is romantic comedies, of course there is no stopping the rush. This movie has been credited as one of the most intelligent of all the romantic comedies which has been released in this decade. Levitt play the role of a greeting card writer who believes that the girl of his dreams is waiting for him somewhere. And he would be able to know it the minute he sets eyes on her. Zooey Deschanel, the heroine plays the role of a free spirited woman who does not believe in fate or love at first sight. The clash of the beliefs and values creates many fun situations and hilarious comedy.

The Proposal

This movie has great actors like Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Bullock plays the role of a workaholic who is forced to pretend that she is in a relationship to be able to stay in America. The star cast also include the versatile Betty White and the acting skill of the three stars take this romantic comedy to great heights.

Ghost of Girlfriends Past

The film showcases the great acting skill of Matthew McConaughey. In this movie he plays the role of a bachelor who treats women callously and who has no idea of getting into a committed relationship. This movie is made on Charles Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. The star cast also includes Jennifer Garner and both the stars help to guide the story smoothly and create the right comedy touches. Comedies are always loved by people and they remain in our minds for a long time.

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Some of the most enjoyable Romantic Comedy Movies

When considering romantic comedy films, the plot generally revolves around a guy meeting a girl, falling in love and eventually facing comical difficulties which tend to threaten their relationship. Most the romantic comedy movies end with the guy and girl winding up together, while at times guy might not get the girl.

Here are some romantic comedy movies which are sure to prove fun when being watched and there might even be a few classic names in this short list.

The Purple Rose of Cairo – This 1985 Romantic comedy is about a housewife in New Jersey, played by Mia Farrow, who is living a life of depression and likes to go to the movies to get away from it all. It so happens that during one such movie, the character in the movie played by Jeff Daniels begins speaking to her breaking the fourth wall.
Intolerable Cruelty – This romantic comedy film is about a divorce lawyer played by George Clooney who happens to be just a bit cynical. Sparks begin flying when he meets a divorcee played by Catherine Zeta-Jones who is simply hungry for money.
Ball of Fire – This romantic comedy film is from 1941, notably staring Gary Cooper who is among a group of professors living in isolation while compiling a human knowledge encyclopedia. When “Sugarpuss” O’Shea played by Barbara Stanwyck is taken in by the group, the boys get to learn several new tricks, but little do they know that her mobster boy friend is pursuing her.
The Heartbreak Kid – The 1972 romantic comedy was in fact voted among the 100 funniest films ever. The movie is about a Jewish salesman played by Charles Grodin who sells sporting goods, and decides to go after a blonde coed played by Cybill Shepherd, leaving his wife behind on the honeymoon they were supposed to have.

These romantic comedies film happen to be some of the most notable and classic movies in the genre. Watch them would indeed be worthwhile and would indeed be a source of laughter.

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Machete Movies Free Online

Machete (Danny Trejo) is a renegade former “Mexican Federale”. He roams the cities, towns, and streets of Texas looking for work after a shakedown from a drug lord called Torrez (Steven Segal).

Machete has a run-in with Michael Benz (Jeff Fahey), a local businessman and spin doctor, who tells Machete that McLaughlin (Robert De Niro), a corrupt senator, is sending hundreds of illegal immigrants out of the country and that he must be killed. Benz offers Machete $ 150,000 to kill McLaughlin who quickly accepts the murder contract out of greed for the money.

Attempting to assassinate the senator at a political rally, Machete is double-crossed and is shot in the shoulder by Benz’s henchmen whom are soon revealed to be in league with Senator McLaughlin who orchestrated the entire attempted assassination with Benz as part of a false flag operation to gain widespread public support for McLaughlin’s harsh anti-immigration laws by setting up Machete as the patsy to make it appear that an outlaw illegal Mexican immigrant tried to assassinate the senator.

Now on the run from the law and being tracked not only by a ruthless henchwoman hired by Torrez, but Machete is also tracked down by Sartana (Jessica Alba), a persistant U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent with a special interest in the blade slinger. Machete goes after Benz and his men, as well as Senator McLaughlin, with the help of his only three allies; his “holy” Federale-turned-priest brother Padre (Cheech Marion) with a thing for pump-action shotguns; a saucy meat cleaver-wielding taco slinger named Luz (Michelle Rodriguez); and Benz socialite daughter April (Lindsey Lohan), whom Machete kidnapps and who soon develops a fancination for the blade-wielding fugitive since April has a penchant for guns. Machete rallies a group of illegal migrants together, and they all begin to hunt the people who double crossed him.

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Discovering How To Use The Best Zombie Movies To Enhance A Halloween Experience

When one thinks of the best zombie movies, often one thinks of movies such as Suan of the Dead and Survival of the Dead. However, others think of movies such as Stripper Zombies, or those such as are found in the Resident Evil movie and game series. Regardless, when one is into zombies, there is no shortage of great films in the genre.

For, whether one enjoys those in The Night Of The Living Dead, or more modern oriented zombies, individuals who are into such films, can at times be rather fanatic. As such, just as in conventions related to Star Trek, there are now fan conventions related to horror films, vampires and zombies.

So, what are some of the best zombie films ever made? Although this remains controversial, there are several zombie oriented films which are more popular than others. These include, but are not limited to, Night of the Living Dead, Suan of the Dead, I Walk With The Zombie and many more. As such, there are many different choices which can be found within the genre itself.

Of course, several of the most famous zombie movies ever have been directed by George Romero. In fact, his most recent release, Survival of the Dead, has almost seen as much interest as the entire Night of the Living Dead series which came much earlier in his career. So, one can still expect to see many new zombie themed movies to hit theaters in the future.

However, in the interim, one may want to spend time watching some of the greatest zombie films of all time. For, in doing so, one can gain a greater understanding of directors, films and genre. After which, one can decide other movies to watch based on the reactions one has after watching each film.

For, while all zombie movies are somewhat related, not all zombies are equal when it comes to good and bad behavior. As such, there are movies in which there are both good and bad zombies, just as there are movies with good and bad people. So, one must decide for oneself whether one enjoys a good old fashioned zombie horror movie, or a more modern movie alive with more positive zombie lifestyles.

Regardless, one can often find a number of both great and not so great zombie movies and related films at the local video rental store. As such, one may want to first rent a selection of zombie movies before deciding whether or not one would like to own such a film. For, in doing so, one can often save a great deal of money by not buying films which one may never watch again after the first viewing.

To this end, while there are many films which can be considered the best zombie movies of all time, most often personal preference plays a role in identifying such films. So, one must decide for oneself which films one believes to be the best. For, just as zombies have differences in personalities so too humans. As such, one must decide which zombie films are best based on the style of the film and personality of the zombies, in order to provide such a rating.

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